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Better Search Made Even Better

Posted by Hawk on August 9, 2013

Yes, it's true. While our free search feature let’s you hunt for cases and search within dockets all day long without charge, you can now also use our premium search to find the proverbial needle in a haystack. Whether you’re a lawyer or a librarian, you will feel a sense of euphoria once you use this feature:

Question: What do you get when you cross a librarian with a lawyer?
Answer: All the information you need--but you can't understand a word of it  1

And while our premium search does not rely on crossing human DNA, you will certainly understand the information you find. You can search across cases and within PDF’s using sophisticated search parameters. For example you can search for “relief” within 3 words of “stay” to pull up sample motions. You can filter by numerous facets, including jurisdiction, judge, type of entry, etc.

Best of all our subscription plans do not require a contract. So go ahead and search:

  • Through 2 million cases
  • Millions of dockets and other PACER queries
  • Actual text of PDF documents

Tracking Bankruptcy Cases Just Got a Lot Easier

Posted by Hawk on June 21, 2013

If you check PACER daily to track a multitude of bankruptcy cases, we have good news for you: Auto docket updates. This feature automates a tedious process to save you a ton of time. Of course the bad news is you may now have to tend to your other duties:

Judge: Is there any reason you could not serve as a juror in this case?
Juror: I don't want to be away from my job that long.
Judge: Can't they do without you at work?
Juror: Yes, but I don't want them to know it.  1

With auto docket updates or "Docket Alerts" as we call it, you will be able to auto-update any docket. You no longer need to individually search for dozens of cases and manually update each docket. You just choose the day and time for the update, say 8am eastern, and then choose the frequency, say every 24 hours. The range for the frequency can be set from every one hour to every one week.

To get the information you need from the auto-updates, you can also set email alerts:

  • Get an email of all new docket entries,
  • Get an email of docket entries only matching certain keywords, or
  • Don’t set alerts and just check your single view

Automatic Storage In The Cloud

Posted by Hawk on May 24, 2013

We’ve been asked quite a few times how long we store case information you’ve purchased on Inforuptcy. The short answer is forever (or at least a very very long time). So you don’t need to worry about downloading, saving, printing, or filing away your documents, because they will be stored safe and sound when you need them:

The two partners in a law firm were having lunch when suddenly one of them jumped up and said, "I have to go back to the office - I forgot to lock the safe!" The other partner replied, "What are you worried about? We're both here."  1

By organizing cases in separate “CaseFolders”, we automatically store your docket & document purchases in the cloud so you can access them later from anywhere. In fact, CaseFolders aren’t just about storage - they’re about efficiency & collaboration. With 1-click you get back into your docket and pick up where you left off, just like a bookmark. You can do much more inside of a CaseFolder - but I’ll save that topic for another post. For now, you should know that when you first login, you’ll see your CaseFolders in your dashboard like so:

So if you’re ever at lunch worried about your information, just remember what our CaseFolders do:

  • Auto-save, so you don’t need to worry
  • Perpetually store, so you don’t need to purchase again
  • Organize, so you don’t waste time looking for the same information

Still Deciding Which ECF Emails To Keep?

Posted by Hawk on April 12, 2013

In today’s day and age, it’s all about efficiency. Especially for professionals such as lawyers whose time should be spent on the tougher choices:

Q: How many lawyers does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: How many can you afford? 1

Q: How many lawyers does it take to go through the daily slew of ECF Emails?
A: None - if you’re using Inforuptcy’s ECF email manager.

Sadly, way too many lawyers every day spend too much time sorting through ECF emails. This just shouldn’t happen. Our tool will do all the grunt work for you so you can focus on real work, enjoy a constantly updated docket on all your cases, and perhaps even change a light bulb or two.

To see this free tool in action, watch this 90 second video:

Remember, this tool is free and it will:

  • Save you or your staff lots of time
  • Obviate the need to visit PACER for your own cases
  • Make tracking cases a lot easier