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Claim Traders
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Get daily emails of digitized creditors from Top Twenty Unsecured Creditors, Schedules D & E/F in Excel. The best lead generation in the market!
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Get access to tons of assets for sale through bankruptcy proceedings. Find amazing deals on all sorts of items like real estate, businesses, inventory, and more.
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Get daily alerts of newly filed business bankruptcy cases with all the schedules. Industry's leading solution delivering assets to your fingertips.
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Whether you are looking to track a single case or many cases, we have the right plan for you.
Are there any contracts to sign?
No. Our plans are either daily, month to month, or annual. We want to keep you as a customer by keeping you happy, not keeping you hostage. If you don’t like our service, please let us know why so we can improve it. We act on customer suggestions regularly.
Do you offer any free trials?
We do not offer free trials. We do, however, offer online video demonstrations. Please remember there are no contracts and you may cancel at any time.
How can I get a demo of a particular plan?
Very simple. Simply sign up here. Due to increased demand, we only offer pre-recorded video demos for all personal email addresses and case by case live demos for business email addresses that sign up.
Why do you offer different plans for certain types of users?
We offer many products for the bankruptcy industry, and since our customers' needs vary based on their day to day activities, we've designed our plans to meet their specific needs.