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Q1 2016 Snapshot - Bankruptcy Asset Sales

Posted by Inforuptcy Team, on April 5, 2016

Despite new bankruptcy filings trending down over the past few years, bankruptcy asset sales are tracking very closely in the first quarter to the prior year. In fact, as the infographic below shows, going concerns increased by over 35% from the prior quarter (if you missed our 2015 recap, here is a quick snapshot of the nearly 11,000 assets we listed last year.)

Our solution does not stop with the most in-depth database of sale motions. We are now also the only service that tracks schedule of assets and liabilities filings for all new business bankruptcies across the country. This is simply the best way to position yourself to be the stalking horse bidder on an asset purchase because it is the first look into the balance sheet of the filing company. 

If you are looking to discover new opportunities across the country, there is no better source. It is ridiculously easy to get started. 

  • Our solution is faster, better and cheaper than any alternative. Our pricing is month to month (annual discount available):

    • $99 / month (cancel any time) for our Maverick plan (overbidders)
    • $199 / month (cancel any time) for our Rainmaker plan (stalking horse bidders)

    We would love to earn your business. You can sign up here, or if you prefer, you can also schedule a 15 minute web demo so you can see for yourself how to get started.

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    P.P.S. We are looking for bankruptcy success stories. If you know anyone that successfully purchased a bankrupt company and turned it around, please let us know by replying to this email. We are working on a story with a large media company and pitching a TV show! This would be a great way to gain free publicity for that company.