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Find & Track Bankruptcy Opportunities

Bankruptcies provide a unique opportunity to acquire distressed assets at a discount. Our solution is best in class for professional investors like private equity or hedge fund firms seeking to purchase distressed assets, businesses looking for strategic acquisitions, or individuals looking for financial or real estate opportunities. Inforuptcy is also designed to make tracking and monitoring cases effortless. Our solution offers the following benefits:

  • Daily email alerts for all new chapter 7, 11, & 12 business bankruptcies
  • The largest and only database of schedules filed (details of assets and liabilities)
  • The largest and only database of sale motions (assets for sale)
  • Track multiple cases and get daily docket alerts
  • Monitor keywords across cases and get alerts (case monitoring on autopilot)

Learn How Inforuptcy Can Help You Purchase Bankruptcy Assets

Assets Database

Tens of thousands of assets of all kinds get sold through the bankruptcy courts every year. In fact, we listed over 10,000 listings in 2020. 

Many of these bankruptcy sales can be great deals, but have historically been hard to find. 

Our proprietary system finds newly filed bankruptcy sale motions and business bankruptcy cases. We add them to our database so you can access and capitalize on deals of interest to you.


Typically, when a bankruptcy sale motion is filed, a stalking horse bidder has been identified and a trustee will seek overbids to maximize the value of the bankruptcy estate. 

Our bankruptcy asset database identifies these bankruptcy liquidation sales or bankruptcy auctions.You can create custom alerts by asset class to be notified of new bankruptcy assets of interest. 

Our Maverick plan gives you these tools and more to find liquidation sale opportunities.

Stalking Horse Bidders

For investors interested in becoming stalking horse, getting notified early is the key. We track all newly filed business bankruptcy cases in chapter 7 and chapter 11. We purchase the voluntary petition and all corresponding schedules of bankruptcy assets and creditors.  

You can then find opportunities based on geography, asset size or industry. 

Our Game Changer plan gives you these tools and more to find these opportunities.

Watch this one minute video to learn more about how Inforuptcy simplifies finding bankruptcy assets for sale.


Theresa Bender, Esq., Chapter 7 Trustee, Tallahassee, Florida

"Listing with Inforuptcy has increased the liquidated values of my cases. It has reached a wider level of investors. This results in a greater distribution to the unsecured creditors."

Raymond J. Obuchowski, Chapter 7 Trustee, Bethel, Vermont

“Considering that I waited for six months for an offer before listing on Inforuptcy, I am quite pleased with the results, much of which is attributable to Inforuptcy’s dissemination of the information.”

John Menchaca, Chapter 7 Trustee, Los Angeles, California

“In working with the Inforuptcy team, I have found them to be quite helpful, insightful and creative.”