Automatic Storage In The Cloud

Posted by Hawk on May 24, 2013

We’ve been asked quite a few times how long we store case information you’ve purchased on Inforuptcy. The short answer is forever (or at least a very very long time). So you don’t need to worry about downloading, saving, printing, or filing away your documents, because they will be stored safe and sound when you need them:

The two partners in a law firm were having lunch when suddenly one of them jumped up and said, "I have to go back to the office - I forgot to lock the safe!" The other partner replied, "What are you worried about? We're both here."  1

By organizing cases in separate “CaseFolders”, we automatically store your docket & document purchases in the cloud so you can access them later from anywhere. In fact, CaseFolders aren’t just about storage - they’re about efficiency & collaboration. With 1-click you get back into your docket and pick up where you left off, just like a bookmark. You can do much more inside of a CaseFolder - but I’ll save that topic for another post. For now, you should know that when you first login, you’ll see your CaseFolders in your dashboard like so:

So if you’re ever at lunch worried about your information, just remember what our CaseFolders do:

  • Auto-save, so you don’t need to worry
  • Perpetually store, so you don’t need to purchase again
  • Organize, so you don’t waste time looking for the same information