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A Little Feedback Makes a Big Difference

Posted by Hawk on September 13, 2013

We pride ourselves on constantly improving our site based on customer feedback. Most people think suggestions made to a company go unheard, but we take your opinions to heart.

Just to give you a sense of how attentive we really are to customer feedback, here are some of the improvements resulting from your suggestions:

Print a nicely formatted docket: Even with tablets and mobile computing, paper still has its place in the world. And getting a docket to look just right on paper isn't so easy on PACER. Well we've made it 1-click.

Email directly from the docket: This simple feature will save you precious time from downloading a PDF, attaching it to an email, and then copy/pasting the docket entry from PACER. Instead just click the email icon (shown below), enter as many email addresses as you like, and hit send.

CaseFolder searching: If your firm manages a lot of cases, you'll need a quick way to find your case of interest. Thanks to you, we've added search to CaseFolders to make that easier.

Color coded dockets: You'll know immediately if you already own the PDF and have it ready for download (blue), have to buy it from PACER at its pass-through cost (green), or get it at 50% off (orange).

One click docket update: We added a button at the top of the docket to eliminate scrolling and allow a one click update of the docket from the last filing date we have on record.