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2016 Year in Review - Business Bankruptcy Schedule A/B Assets

Posted by Inforuptcy Team, on February 13, 2017

As the only service that tracks Schedule A/B (real and personal property) filings for all new business bankruptcies across the country, we decided to compile some statistics to give you a glimpse into prospective opportunities you may have missed in 2016 on our site, 

In total, we tracked nearly 9,000 business bankruptcy filings in 2016. Over $38 trillion of business bankruptcy assets were reported in the filings. Here is the break down by chapter:

  • Chapter 11 assets accounted for $37.7 trillion in nearly 4,600 cases 
  • Chapter 7 assets accounted for nearly $318 billion in nearly 4,300 cases
  • Chapter 9 and 12 assets accounted for nearly $9 billion in nearly 100 cases.

The top three business bankruptcy filers by NAICS code in 2016 were:

  • Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction - Over $32 trillion in 656 cases 
  • Manufacturing - Nearly $1.3 trillion in 533 cases 
  • Transportation and Warehousing - Over $1 trillion in 345 cases 

The top three of the asset categories in 2016 for all business bankruptcy filings were:

  • About $31.3 trillion in "All other assets"
  • Nearly $2.5 trillion in "Real property"
  • Nearly $1.3 trillion in "Machinery, equipment, and vehicles"

The infographic below breaks down these categories further.