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Business Bankruptcy Snapshot: Westinghouse Electric Company LLC

Declaration of Lisa J. Donahue Pursuant to Rule 1007-2 of the Local Bankruptcy Rules for the Southern District of New York (related document(s) 1) filed by Robert J. Lemons on behalf of Westinghouse Electric Company LLC. (Lemons, Robert) (Entered: 03/29/2017)

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2016 Year in Review - Business Bankruptcy Schedule A/B Assets

Posted by Inforuptcy Team, on February 13, 2017

As the only service that tracks Schedule A/B (real and personal property) filings for all new business bankruptcies across the country, we decided to compile some statistics to give you a glimpse into prospective opportunities you may have missed in 2016 on our site, 

In total, we tracked nearly 9,000 business bankruptcy filings in 2016. Over $38 trillion of business bankruptcy assets were reported in the filings. Here is the break down by chapter:

  • Chapter 11 assets accounted for $37.7 trillion in nearly 4,600 cases 
  • Chapter 7 assets accounted for nearly $318 billion in nearly 4,300 cases
  • Chapter 9 and 12 assets accounted for nearly $9 billion in nearly 100 cases.

The top three business bankruptcy filers by NAICS code in 2016 were:

  • Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction - Over $32 trillion in 656 cases 
  • Manufacturing - Nearly $1.3 trillion in 533 cases 
  • Transportation and Warehousing - Over $1 trillion in 345 cases 

The top three of the asset categories in 2016 for all business bankruptcy filings were:

  • About $31.3 trillion in "All other assets"
  • Nearly $2.5 trillion in "Real property"
  • Nearly $1.3 trillion in "Machinery, equipment, and vehicles"

The infographic below breaks down these categories further. 





2016 Year in Review - Bankruptcy Asset Sales

Posted by Inforuptcy Team, on January 6, 2017

Happy 2016!

Every year we like to take a broad look at the market and gain some perspective on what transpired the prior year. We wanted to share some statistics we compiled for 2016 regarding the bankruptcy assets we listed on our site since we have the largest database of asset sales with corresponding sale motions. In total, we had over 10,400 bankruptcy asset listings. The listings broke down into the following categories:

  • About 2,200 business assets listings
  • Nearly 4,900 real property listings
  • Over 3,300 personal asset listings

The infographic below breaks down these categories further and charts the listings by state and month.

Infographic of 2016 Bankruptcy Asset Listings


Theresa Bender, Esq., Chapter 7 Trustee, Tallahassee, Florida
"Listing with Inforuptcy has increased the liquidated values of my cases. It has reached a wider level of investors. This results in a greater distribution to the unsecured creditors."

Raymond J. Obuchowski, Chapter 7 Trustee, Bethel, Vermont
“Considering that I waited for six months for an offer before listing on Inforuptcy, I am quite pleased with the results, much of which is attributable to Inforuptcy’s dissemination of the information.”



1H 2016 Snapshot - Bankruptcy Asset Sales

Posted by Inforuptcy Team, on July 17, 2016

Our infographic below breaks down the various asset categories sold across the country through the bankruptcy courts. The largest decline in number of assets sold for the first half of 2016 versus the first half of 2015 is residential real property. This should come as no surprise as home values across the country have risen 33% since 2012 according to the S&P/Case-Shiller National Composite Home Price Index.

Our solution does not stop with the most in-depth database of sale motions. We are now also the only service that tracks schedule of assets and liabilities filings for all new business bankruptcies across the country. This is simply the best way to position yourself to be the stalking horse bidder on an asset purchase because it is the first look into the balance sheet of the filing company. 

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