We Are Getting Closer to the Holy Grail

Posted by Michael on November 2, 2014

In an effort to improve our bankruptcy assets database, we are constantly working on innovative, new services. With our Rainmaker plan, our customers can use our advanced search tool to hone in on cases where the trustee filed a ‘Notice of Asset’ or ‘Notice to File Claim’ on a daily basis. These docketed events are leading indicators where the trustee has identified asset cases. Our tool narrows down the list of thousands of bankruptcy cases filed daily to the ones where there is an opportunity to profit.

For example, here are some results for 'Notice to File Claim' for October 1st.

Results of File a Claim search

We have also launched a number of new (beta) initiatives:

  • We are testing with a few trustees to list their assets before a sale motion is filed.
  • We will soon launch a series of articles authored by experts guest bloggers on our site. The articles will cover everything from the basics of how to buy bankruptcy assets to more advanced techniques.Whether you’re new to the game or seasoned veteran, you will benefit from the knowledge to be shared.

If you are interested in becoming a stalking horse bidder, we strongly recommend signing up to our Rainmaker plan.