Learn How To Find Residential Real Estate Opportunities in Bankruptc...

Since we get asked often, we wanted to provide some quick “how to” guides on using bankruptcy information in your business -- either as as a real estate investor looking to purchase, or as a real estate agent looking to facilitate a transaction. This will be a four part series covering the basics to more advanced techniques in identifying residential real estate opportunities.

Part 1. Buying residential real estate in bankruptcy

Part 2. Finding real estate sales opportunities from Chapter 13 dismissed cases

Part 3. Finding short sale or a deed in lieu from Chapter 7 cases when a relief from stay is ordered

Part 4. Digging through the bankruptcy schedules to identify possible stalking horse opportunities or purchase debt

We hope you will find the articles helpful. Should you have any questions or interest in other topics, please let us know. We would love to hear from you.


If you prefer, you can also schedule a 15 minute web demo so you can see for yourself how to get started.

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