Does Your Firm Track Research Costs?

Posted by Hawk on August 23, 2013

If you use PACER’s client code feature, we’ve got a real time saver for you -- especially if you look up records for different cases in one research session. Our client code feature lets you switch client codes on the fly. With a persistent client code box along the top of every page, you can enter a new code at any time. Just type in a new code or select a previously used code before making a purchase.

Your credit details page is updated in real time to reflect any expenditures, including those linked to a client. You can view the details 24/7 and download a CSV file of the running total.

So if you want to track your PACER expenditures, our client code feature easily let’s you:

  • Enter new codes at any time
  • Easily select your own previously used codes
  • Easily select codes others in your firm have used