customer data

Your data's just sitting there. Machine learning can change that.


The technology can help banks get the most out of the vast amounts of information at their disposal.


'Another day, another hack': Comments of the week


Readers react to Capital One's massive data breach, raise alarm to The Bancorp's expansion in CRE securitizations, defend fintechs offering retirement plans and more.


House revives effort to allow nontraditional data in credit scores


The bill, similar to legislation that passed the chamber last year, would permit the inclusion of items such as rent and telecom payments to help consumers build their credit profiles.


As mobile apps proliferate, data protection has to keep up


Banks and third parties must work together to safeguard data being shared when a customer uses mobile apps.


Goldman Sachs shares a lesson it's learned about Main Street


Customers of Marcus, the consumer lending arm that launched in 2016, defy easy categorization, according to an executive at the Wall Street bank.


As CFPB mulls privatizing database, consumer complaints mount


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau received over a quarter-million complaints in 2018, according to analysis by an advocacy group that urged the agency to maintain public access to its database.


OCC official provides more detail on financial innovation pilot


The head of the agency's innovation office said the program will be available only to OCC-regulated institutions.


Real-time data was Kabbage's secret sauce, its first investor says


The online lender's recent completion of a $700 million securitization provided Jonathan Ebinger at BlueRun Ventures an opportunity to reflect on what he has learned about the power of alternative data.


Morgan Stanley focuses on data quality to strengthen AI


The bank is one of many to realize that artificial intelligence is only as good as the data fed into it.


Equifax, FICO join forces to give banks one-stop analytics product


The new cloud-based solution is intended to help financial institutions make quicker credit decisions by integrating consumers’ histories with advanced software.