Online banking

High rates alone won't make direct banks' customers happy, study says


J.D. Power found that customers who have a variety of accounts with an online-only bank are far more satisfied than those with just checking or savings accounts.


Acquisition provides mortgage lender entree into digital banking


Gateway Mortgage Group says its launch of a digital-only bank is scheduled for this summer.


From SBA chief to fintech backer


Karen Mills, who led the Small Business Administration from 2009 to 2013, is joining the Eastern Bank spinoff Numerated as an adviser and investor as it tries to bring online-lending technology to community banks.


Facebook veteran: Banks have big AML blind spot


Criminals are inventing new ways to hide dirty money amid transactions for digital goods bought and sold on everything from Amazon to game-app sites. Banks need to wake up to the threat, says Ben Duranske, Facebook Payments' former compliance chief.


HSBC: Fintech deal will provide access to midsize businesses in U.S.


Neptune Financial, an online business lender, will help the global bank reach commercial customers it was missing before and could ultimately be a $1.5 trillion opportunity, an HSBC executive says.


Why this small bank created a separate, digital-first brand


Midwest BankCentre in St. Louis, with the help of a stable of fintechs, started Rising Bank to keep up with big banks in the hunt for deposits and millennial customers.


Banks try new tools to learn what doesn't click in digital


Page views and sales results don't explain which customers do what, and why they do things (or don't do them), in online and mobile banking.


Flaws in testing may be real source of Wells Fargo's tech failure


The bank says it has restored access, but it hasn’t explained how a fire-suppression system at one facility could cause a nationwide outage across all of its channels, or how its system as a whole could have been left so vulnerable to the incident.


Softbank in big fintech push; Analyzing BB&T-SunTrust deal


The company’s investment in a small business lender is said to be the biggest ever in Europe; the merger may raise questions from regulators, spur more mergers.


Wells Fargo glitch causes widespread outage, leaves customers fuming


Customers reported being unable to access online banking, mobile banking or their debit cards.