Online banking

Banks can stand among the economy’s first responders


Lenders can offer deferred payments and capitalize on digital banking to help small businesses and consumers get back on their feet.


Digital training for bankers paying off in coronavirus crisis


Customers are more reliant than ever on digital banking tools, and institutions like OceanFirst, BBVA and M&T are thankful they had invested in teaching employees to show customers how to use them.


Green Dot hires former NetSpend boss Dan Henry as new CEO


Former NetSpend CEO Dan Henry has been named as the CEO of Green Dot, the Pasadena, Calif.-based prepaid card issuer and banking company.


A vetting guide for banks mulling fintech partnerships


The game has changed and bank executives will have to do more homework before striking a deal.


Banks' big tech spending is testing shareholders' patience


Investors think the billions being shelled out to keep up with the likes of Amazon might be better spent elsewhere.


Quicken launches Simplifi money management app for millennials, Gen Z


Thirty-seven years after the release of Quicken desktop software, the company is launching a streamlined app to reach a new demographic.


What will bank jobs look like in the future? OceanFirst has an idea


Chris Maher, CEO of OceanFirst Financial, shares how employees’ roles have already changed and his bank’s efforts to help them navigate AI.


Gatsby launches free options trading for millennials, Gen Z


The startup with a namesake app is already attracting young investors and has been in talks with banks about partnerships.


Consumer credit will remain strong in 2020: TransUnion


Casting aside recession fears, the credit bureau predicts credit cards, mortgages, auto loans and unsecured personal loans should all perform well — including those extended by online lenders.


How one storage unit became one big mess for BB&T, Hitachi


A 15-hour shutdown of online banking, mobile banking, ATMs and wire transfers was caused by a single data storage unit. BB&T's lawsuit blames the vendor, but the bank may have left itself too exposed to equipment failure.