Mobile technology

Regions' big investment in digital is paying off


The Alabama bank, which is spending hundreds of millions on technology, says the ability to make faster credit decisions is one reason digital metrics such as checking account openings are soaring.


The fintechs trying to solve America’s retirement problem


Kindur and Finhabits are trying to create retirement plans for people who lack them. Are banks missing an opportunity?


Fintech’s AI plays matchmaker between banks and new markets


Flybits is building a marketplace to connect banks with third parties that might want to share data across channels.


Why mobile onboarding is such a turnoff


Banks can fine-tune their apps so the customer doesn't give up halfway through a cumbersome sign-up process.


German challenger bank N26 makes U.S. debut


The neobank, which has 3.5 million European customers, is starting with fee-free checking, a debit card and real-time transactions. It's part of a wave of competition arriving from overseas.


Is facial recognition safe for financial institutions to use?


The technology has become controversial for its potential for bias. Notre Dame professor Kevin Bowyer explains what his studies of this issue have found.


Biggest changes in digital banking are just ahead


Many might think that the technological disruption of the industry is already underway, but it’s likely that the most significant restructuring is still yet to come.


U.K. challenger bank Monzo aims for U.S. charter in broad stateside push


Monzo has been adding roughly 200,000 users a month in the U.K., and is hoping to replicate that success as it launches in the U.S.


Digital Banker of the Year: U.S. Bank's Ankit Bhatt


The increased mobile engagement at U.S. Bank goes back to Ankit Bhatt letting customers tell him — and, many times, show him — what needs to improve.


Steve Wozniak on common innovation mistakes


The Apple co-founder offered advice on how to create successful products, why he craves privacy and why companies should value engineers and inventors.