Mobile technology

Expensify launches corporate card that donates to homeless charity


The new Karma Points card donates 10% of revenue to charitable funds established by the company that help people living on the street.


It's time to go all-in on open banking


Still trying to figure out whether to build gateways to your bank's data and systems? Here’s why you should transition.


Expect 'a lot more dismantling': A fintech entrepreneur's vision for 2020


Jason Gardner, founder and CEO of the card issuer Marqeta, discusses his experiences in starting up multiple fintechs and makes predictions for the new year.


To ignore Gen Z is ‘to flirt with irrelevance’: Wells Fargo exec


Businesses need to shift focus away from millennials and toward the next age group, which is expected to be so demanding that business processes will have to be overhauled, says Julia Carreon, the bank's managing director of digital and fiduciary operations.


Mobile and web onboarding are two different animals


With customers now having the opportunity to onboard across multiple devices and channels, or even through a call center, the likelihood of an inconsistent experience is drastically increased, Neal Keene of Intelledox says.


Mobile banking apps need to go beyond the basics


New tech like APIs and artificial intelligence will help consumers manage all their finances through an app, rather than just transfer funds.


USAA won $200M from Wells Fargo in patent fight. Will others be on the hook?


The remote deposit capture tech at the center of the dispute is used by 6,500 institutions. That may mean other institutions will have to pay licensing fees to USAA.


Small banks resisting digital (yes, they exist) warned to wise up


Most consumers, even those in rural communities, have become accustomed to digital services. That's something certain community banks better face up to, panelists at the ABA conference said.


Is Big Tech’s ‘for the people’ rhetoric legit?


Large tech companies have been driving home the message that they can help the many Americans who struggle financially. But there are good reasons to be skeptical of their intentions.


Stop marketing to women and start designing for them


Companies are turning off prospective customers and employees with misguided approaches.