Mobile technology

Can T-Mobile connect customers with mobile money accounts?


A partnership between the mobile carrier and BankMobile could help stripped-down banking and deposit transfer services find a footing among U.S. customers.


Securing bank apps: What if mobile carriers get hacked?


There are steps financial firms can take to protect their customers in the event a major wireless network is compromised, including reconsidering the use of SMS messaging for account authentication.


How fintechs are helping Americans rein in holiday spending


Digit, Chime and Pluto are among those said to be stepping into a void left by the banking industry. But designing helpful enough, yet flexible enough, financial safeguards for consumers is easier said than done.


Imagining banking without keyboards, apps or screens


Augmented devices and automation will push banking services beyond the current mobile phone delivery model into a virtual world — but how, exactly? Bank of America, Wells Fargo and others are trying to find out.


One fintech’s plan to free consumers from credit card debt 


Jason Brown explains why his company, Tally, helps consumers by paying their monthly balances, providing advice and offering a lower-rate credit line.


Add BMO Harris to list of banks aligning with auto fintechs


The Chicago bank's new partnership with AutoGravity mirrors others struck this year by JPMorgan Chase and U.S. Bank with providers of mobile apps that bundle the car-buying and lending processes.


Regional banks are spending heavily on tech. Is it enough?


Are midsize banks in position to disrupt, or are they investing billions in technology because they can’t afford not to?


BofA faces lawsuit over use of the name Erica


A Colorado business owner and the second-largest U.S. bank are set to go to court this month over his intellectual property claim that he owns the service mark for an online virtual assistant named Erica. That is the same name the bank uses for its digital assistant.


All in the wrist: Smartwatches centerpiece of HSBC branch pilot


Staffers at the bank's flagship, multilevel branch in Manhattan say wearable tech has proven ideal for discreet communication among each other to speed customer service.


New recruiting tools: Funky workspaces, passion projects


Community banks are getting more creative to draw in younger people to fill job openings.