Mobile technology

Chinese payment giant Alipay downplays U.S. ambitions


The firm wants to expand its acceptance in the United States only to accommodate Chinese tourists, a company official said Thursday. But the CEO of a U.S.-based payments firm expressed skepticism.


'Customers are overbanked and underserved': Umpqua strategy chief


As banks push customers to digital channels, they are losing opportunities to help and connect with consumers, according to Rilla Delorier, an executive vice president at the Oregon bank.


Under the hood of U. S. Bank’s new mobile app


AI-driven customer insights, mortgages and small-business loans are among the features in the app, which the bank is rolling out Monday.


'Friendly fraud' is on the rise. Are banks complicit?


Reports of improper charges by perpetrators who know the victim soared last year. Issuers and card networks are failing to tighten security, clearly label transactions and police chargebacks, critics say.


Tech-averse bank warms to digital banking


For years Carter Bank in Virginia had resisted technology of all kinds — even ATMs. But a leadership change, rising rates and a thirst for low-cost deposits finally led to a change in philosophy.


Banks try new tools to learn what doesn't click in digital


Page views and sales results don't explain which customers do what, and why they do things (or don't do them), in online and mobile banking.


The challenger banks catering to gig-economy workers


The rise of Uber, Lyft, Etsy, Kaggle and other forms of freelance work has sparked a new generation of specialist fintechs.


Options-trading fintech wins backing from big and small banks


Gatsby, which has built an app to let novice investors buy puts or calls, has received funding from Barclays, Radius Bank and others. Radius is considering offering the service to its customers.


Huntington building AI into digital advice tools


Its savings, budgeting, spending and goal-setting tools, combined with artificial intelligence to add smart insights and advice, are a good example of how regional banks are trying to distinguish their mobile products from those of bigger banks with larger tech budgets.


What banks are losing sight of in rush to upgrade mobile apps


As consumers continue to migrate to banking apps, lenders may be tempted to focus solely on improving that channel. But new data suggests consumers aren't abandoning other platforms just yet.