Digital payments

‘Permission to commit legal extortion’: Comments of the week


Readers react to the CFPB’s final arbitration rule, a new potential hurdle for initial coin offerings, a housing finance reform proposal and more.


‘Millennial’ does not define how I bank


A big part of the reason banks find it tricky to attract millennials is that not all millennials are attracted to the same thing.


U.S. Bancorp scrambles to keep pace in payments field


Revenue growth in its merchant payments business is expected to be tepid in the foreseeable future. The Minneapolis company says it is looking to ramp up innovation to stay competitive in a business that has been upended by fintech firms and online shopping.


How to go from free to fee without a customer revolt


Announcing that a formerly free product or service will now cost money exposes banks to reputational risk. But the process doesn’t have to end in customers getting angry.


Replacing core systems won’t solve your digital problems


Before banks replace their core systems — which are largely homogeneous in the U.S. — they should work on ways to deliver convenient and engaging digital services for each of their channels.


CFPB nixes arbitration; ‘Friendly’ regulator nominated to Fed


Agency rule would make it easier to sue banks, but Congressional Republicans likely to fight it; Trump nominates Randal Quarles as Fed’s vice chair for supervision.


Why Apple's P-to-P service could go the way of Betamax


In order for Apple to achieve significant success with its upcoming P-to-P service, the tech titan needs to expand the amount of people who can use the payments feature.


CFPB tweaks final prepaid rule, seeks comment on second delay


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau proposed further changes Thursday to its final rule on prepaid cards and is seeking public comment on whether to delay implementing it a second time.


‘We’re in production’: Bank execs on the state of play for blockchain


While banks are in various stages of development when it comes to distributed ledger technology, the industry is farther along than many would assume, big-bank technology executives say.


The future of authentication is biometrics. No other model competes


The username and password are dying. Only biometrics can unify the age-old opposing forces of user experience and digital security in replacing an antiquated method.