Digital payments

Jamie Dimon is right about cryptocurrencies


Cryptocurrencies will not gain widespread traction with corporations and governments as long as there remain crucial questions about their volatility, risk, volume and shadowy affiliations.


Converting leads to customers in a digital world


Banks are still using traditional sales processes that rely heavily on branch traffic.


Bank-issued bitcoin debit cards. No, really.


The explosion of interest in digital assets this year, and the multiplying of their market value, are making cryptocurrency debit cards newly attractive. Banks could partner with intermediaries or issue the cards directly, but obstacles remain before that day can arrive.


Equifax mismanagement extends to damage control


Data breaches and payment hacks require not only tech measures, but crisis management. Had Equifax gotten out in front of the story, particularly during the slow news period of August, it would have earned kudos and perhaps mitigated some of the public scrutiny.


JPMorgan seeks to banish paper payments with fintech venture


JPMorgan Chase is partnering with another fast-growing technology firm, this time to help business clients eradicate paper checks.


The Bank of Google or Amazon? Don’t count on it


Banks should not be fatalistic about the threats posed by tech companies in financial services. Incumbents still hold the upper hand.


Banks’ blame-avoidance mentality stifles innovation


We know banks don’t like failure. But what is lesser known is how their reluctance is all to do with banking's compliance culture.


How to open the black box of what bank customers want


While banks know they must develop and launch new tools that are useful, convenient and intuitive, figuring out which tools meet that objective and employing them often seems out of reach.


A road map for reclaiming the digital customer experience


Banks are being pushed into the background of popular digital experiences. But they can reappear on interfaces that customers use daily by doubling down on financial wellness efforts.


Payments innovation can be disruptive, but not yet


New entrants don’t pose a disruptive threat to the incumbent cohort of issuers, credit card networks and acquirers primarily because the incumbents — Visa, Mastercard and First Data — are prepared to compete in all segments of the market.