Digital payments

CFPB nixes arbitration; ‘Friendly’ regulator nominated to Fed


Agency rule would make it easier to sue banks, but Congressional Republicans likely to fight it; Trump nominates Randal Quarles as Fed’s vice chair for supervision.


Why Apple's P-to-P service could go the way of Betamax


In order for Apple to achieve significant success with its upcoming P-to-P service, the tech titan needs to expand the amount of people who can use the payments feature.


CFPB tweaks final prepaid rule, seeks comment on second delay


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau proposed further changes Thursday to its final rule on prepaid cards and is seeking public comment on whether to delay implementing it a second time.


‘We’re in production’: Bank execs on the state of play for blockchain


While banks are in various stages of development when it comes to distributed ledger technology, the industry is farther along than many would assume, big-bank technology executives say.


The future of authentication is biometrics. No other model competes


The username and password are dying. Only biometrics can unify the age-old opposing forces of user experience and digital security in replacing an antiquated method.


What should replace cash? Let the market decide


Physical cash is likely to have utility for years to come. If it passes away, better the death blow comes from superior commercial payment systems than government edict.


Mnuchin vows no bank breakups; CRA needs an update


The Treasury secretary says the Trump administration doesn't support separating commercial from investment banking; wealthy neighborhoods are designated as low-income, benefitting banks with branches there.


It’s the end of banking as we know it, but that’s not a bad thing


Once millennials and tech-oriented consumers become the majority of banks’ customer base, disruption will cease to be just a threat. It will be a fact.


BBVA taps blockchain to make international payments in seconds


Using a program built by Ripple, BBVA has transferred about 50 euro-denominated payments to Mexico from Spain in seconds. Such transactions normally take up to four days to clear, the bank said.


Swift introduces real-time payment controls to tighten noose on fraud


The new controls include transaction-screening parameters users may adjust to their own risk and compliance policies.