Digital payments

Swift introduces real-time payment controls to tighten noose on fraud


The new controls include transaction-screening parameters users may adjust to their own risk and compliance policies.


BNP Paribas to acquire French digital bank startup


The neobank Compte-Nickel has opened more than 540,000 accounts since its launch three years ago.


Bank known for Lehman gaffe transfers $5.4B in error


Germany's state-owned development bank KfW, which gained publicity for erroneously transferring hundreds of millions of euros to Lehman Brothers the day the U.S. firm filed for bankruptcy, has done it again.


Why mobile might be the only platform to serve underbanked


The underbanked rely on mobile access more than online or in-person contact. Therefore, the U.S. must follow developing countries’ leads and let consumers sign up for mobile-only accounts.


Walmart updates app to ease money transfers


The retailer is set to announce Tuesday that it is updating its app to allow its customers to input money transfer information electronically rather than having to fill out paperwork in the store.


Visa sees sharp benefits from India's cash crisis


India's sudden shakeup of its currency system last fall was an early holiday for digital payment companies, and Visa was no exception.


From automated driving to automated payments?


Connected cars are going to create new revenue streams, not just for automakers, but also for financial services providers.


Have the big banks finally cracked the code on P-to-P payments?


The upcoming launch of Zelle gives Chase, B of A, Wells Fargo and other large banks an opportunity to correct their past mistakes.


Consumers have gone paperless, time for businesses to catch up


Corporate clients are increasingly asking their banks to help digitize back-office processes. Such a move can help both parties save time and money.