Digital payments

Top bank tech trends for 2018


With so much uncertainty, the only thing that's clear is how different the sector may look a year from now. Here's an overview of the leading trends in technology that will impact banking in 2018.


As insurers drown in paper, banks see a digital opportunity


Some firms are investing in technology to help insurance clients shift to paperless payment processing.


Mastercard targets millennial clients with digital money management service


Assemble allows Mastercard partners or issuers to provide checking, budgeting and payment features, as well as additional money management.


Doing customers wrong allows your competitor to make things right


In a relationship-based business, it’s not enough to sell your customers a sharp tool to pay for things. You also have to help them avoid cutting themselves with it.


Wider cryptocurrency use could harm system stability: Fed’s Quarles


The Federal Reserve Board's vice chair of supervision said that digital currencies hold the potential for innovation but that the financial system's security and resiliency are more important.


Add Ally Bank to Amazon’s Alexa partners


Only a few banks have so far integrated with Amazon’s personal voice assistant service.


Jamie Dimon is right about cryptocurrencies


Cryptocurrencies will not gain widespread traction with corporations and governments as long as there remain crucial questions about their volatility, risk, volume and shadowy affiliations.


Converting leads to customers in a digital world


Banks are still using traditional sales processes that rely heavily on branch traffic.


Bank-issued bitcoin debit cards. No, really.


The explosion of interest in digital assets this year, and the multiplying of their market value, are making cryptocurrency debit cards newly attractive. Banks could partner with intermediaries or issue the cards directly, but obstacles remain before that day can arrive.


Equifax mismanagement extends to damage control


Data breaches and payment hacks require not only tech measures, but crisis management. Had Equifax gotten out in front of the story, particularly during the slow news period of August, it would have earned kudos and perhaps mitigated some of the public scrutiny.