Digital payments

Reality check: Will crypto firms score a banking charter?


At least two cryptocurrency companies, Coinbase and ivyKoin, have talked to federal regulators about obtaining a bank license, but there is skepticism that it will happen. Here's why.


What a homegrown app for millennials has taught Wells Fargo


The bank found that mixing personal finance management with positive reinforcement allowed them to appeal to younger customers.


Square's Dorsey is all in on bitcoin as currency of the future


Jack Dorsey, speaking to a crowd of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, showed he was completely in sync with their view that digital currencies are the way of the future.


Next stop on the reg relief train: Reforming AML rules


Bankers have long complained that anti-money-laundering regulations impose an extra burden without really stopping major crime. D.C. is finally listening.

[more] revs up expansion plan by adding two senior leaders


Fresh off landing JPMorgan Chase as a client, the digital payments firm is counting on tech veterans Yael Zheng and Vinay Pai to help accelerate its growth through additional partnerships with banks and accounting firms.


Mexican banks said to have been targeted in cyber attack


Cyber attackers attempted to penetrate Mexico's electronic payment systems Friday, forcing three banks to enact contingency plans, according to people familiar with the matter.


Digital banking's key trends: Demand, competition, mobile on the rise


Consumers around the world are increasingly accessing banking solely through digital means, according to new global studies by Oracle and the World Bank.


Senate moves to kill CFPB auto rule; Amex profit soars 31%


Bill to end the guidance intended to fight discriminatory lending now goes to the House; card company’s push to make more loans to customers pays dividends.


'Siri, Alexa, Google — why can't I pay for things with you?'


The rapid adoption of voice assistants only adds to the notion they could one day be disruptors in commerce, payments and financial services.


To capitalize on open banking, the industry needs standards


Developers will struggle to create apps that can be used seamlessly across institutions unless banks can learn to share programming data in a consistent way.