Digital payments

Startup Fundbox updates B-to-B credit for online marketplaces


Small businesses short on cash can use advances from Fundbox to buy products from online suppliers.


Shutdown boosts payday lenders; CEO pay growth far outpaces rank-and-file


Many government employees are turning to alternative lenders to bridge the gap between paychecks; the average pay at the biggest U.S. banks rose by just 3% last year, well below the CEO rate.


Are fintechs better off taking the ILC route to banking?


The industrial loan company charter is getting more attention as doubts grow about a new federal license for fintechs.


Fiserv-First Data: Why small banks fear big fintech


The large core banking software vendors are already criticized as large and slow-moving. Consolidations like these are only likely to make them more so.


Fiserv, First Data and the staggering fintech threat


The numbers behind Fiserv's deal to acquire First Data are huge, particularly considering each company's existing tonnage still makes consolidation the best play when faced with nimble fintechs and mobile startups.


Joust launches a digital bank for gig-economy workers


Its mobile banking app comes with bank accounts, merchant accounts, and instant credit on invoices. Behind it is a network of community banks that will gather the deposits the app brings in.


Warren: Comerica fraud shows need for security fix in prepaid program


The senator wants Treasury to enhance fraud protection in the Direct Express prepaid program — now a partnership with Comerica Bank — when its contract is rebid in 2020.


Could Ripple's XRP replace correspondent banks? This bank says yes


Despite controversy surrounding Ripple’s digital token, one bank is pushing forward to use it in cross-border payments.


10 ways technology will change banking in 2019


The coming year will bring a wave of data-sharing deals between banks and fintechs, increased bank use of automated advice, marked changes to financial jobs as a result of automation, and much more.


Citi deploys AI to detect real-time fraud, errors in payments


The software, which was developed by Feedzai, will eventually block payments that appear to be fraudulent or mistaken.