Faceless Gimmicks Won't Help Banks Keep Wealthy Clients


Affluent customers deserve special attention, but banks have to think outside of the box to improve loyalty and customer satisfaction with this important customer segment.


Consumers Lose If CFPB Overshoots on Overdraft


With the CFPB poised to finalize regulations on overdraft fees, it is important to realize how much the product helps informed consumers.


When Rewarding Your Team, Money Isn't Everything


Monetary incentive plans are vital for keeping your best employees, but sometimes other gestures that cost basically nothing make a bigger impact.


Don't Lump in Installment Loans with Payday


Traditional installment lenders are fixtures in their communities and verify borrowers' ability to repay, which cannot be said of payday lenders.


Don't Blame Prepaid for the RushCard Glitches


The RushCard debacle should lead to consumer improvements, but it should not undercut the progress prepaid has made in helping consumers manage their finances.


No-Brainer Nonprime Lending Reforms We Should All Get Behind


Regulatory action is needed to weed out patently unfair fee structures, but as an industry we should and can do better on our own.


Bankruptcy Reform Worked, But Didn't Go Far Enough


The changes made 10 years ago reduced abusive bankruptcies and made our nation's economy more resilient. If Congress had gone further by regulating attorney fees and increasing penalties for fraud, the economy would be that much stronger.


After Four Years, Durbin Amendment Still Failing Consumers


This week marks the fourth anniversary of the "Durbin amendment," a defective law directing the Federal Reserve to impose price-controls on debit interchange fees.


How Lenders Can Avoid Falling Victim to Millennial 'FOMO'


To better serve millennial mortgage customers, lenders would be helped by understanding how the "fear of missing out" mentality drives this generation's consumer culture.


What Loan Officers Can Learn from Carly Fiorina


2016 Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina telegraphs a message that the mortgage industry would do well to heed.