We Have Tools to Revive Homeownership — It's Time to Use Them


Steps to improve credit access, evangelize for down payment programs and offer borrower counseling can stop and even reverse the decline in homeownership.


Why Banks Can Put GSE Buyback Worries Behind Them


Fears about repurchase requests made by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac persisted beyond the crisis, but those fears don't match actual repurchase numbers.


Strong CFPB Rule Needed Even in Payday-Free States


While existing state laws show that payday lending curbs lead to positive outcomes, those laws will still benefit from a strong Consumer Financial Protection Bureau rule.


Lessons from the Top-Performing Banks


Achieving high performance is a challenge. But these five traits help the elite banks drive such impressive results.


Mundane Interactions Can Still Win Over Mobile Customers


When it comes to earning consumer loyalty with user-friendly mobile banking tools, everyday interactions can matter more than momentous ones.


Google's Payday Ad Ban: Smart Move, But It Can Do Better


Google should be applauded for deciding to ban payday loan-sponsored ads. But it should tweak some of the details so legitimate lenders can still advertise.


How Medieval Monks Changed the Face of Banking


Banking is often seen as a quintessentially modern institution. But financial practices are deeply rooted in the medieval period.


Take Card Vendors Out of the Student Aid Refund Game


Students with excess cash but no bank account have fallen victim to predatory financial vendors, but the government can take steps to bypass the middleman.


Branch Customers Need More than Niceness from Personnel


As banks nationwide trim their branch personnel, they must also make sure the remaining staff in their brick-and-mortar stores know what they are doing.


Three Steps to a Bank's API Success


It's easy to get lost in the technological complexity of "application programming interfaces," but banks need to stay focused on improving business and customer outcomes, which is the ultimate goal.