Welcome to the 'Havoc' Phase of Fintech Disruption


Recent devaluations of startups and other signs of trouble do not mean the end of fintech upheaval but rather the start of acquisitions and other repositioning to advance stability.


Bank Leadership Must Be Earned, Not Announced


What makes a true leader is particularly relevant to the banking industry, in which the leading institutions and key individuals are not always defined by asset size.


The Case for a CFPB Commission


Creating a bipartisan commission to manage the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will make the agency's rules longer-lasting and place needed checks on the director's authority.


Time to End the Monopoly Over Manufactured Housing


Meaningful rules encouraging Fannie and Freddie to do more with manufactured housing would allow more lenders into the market and make pricing more competitive.


Alternative Lenders Play with Fire by Discarding FICO


Disruption in credit scoring is healthy, but the new models touted by marketplace and other alternative lenders are still untested, especially about how loans will perform in a downturn.


CFPB's Auto Finance Push Hurts Consumers


The way the Consumer Financial Protection Agency is regulating the auto finance industry's relationships with dealers is simply wrong Â-- both legally and ethically Â-- according to Blair Evans of Baker Donelson. It's also directly counterproductive to its goal of protecting consumers, she says.


Don't Ignore Your Customers' Own Surging Liquidity


The opportunity for banks from the dramatic growth in deposits goes beyond just funding loans.


Bowie's Name Was a Signal of Banking Innovation


David Bowie was a legend in the music industry, but his name was also a presence in financial services, where his identity was synonymous with innovation.


A Plan to Help the Poor with Cheaper Remittances


Dilip Ratha, an economist at the World Bank, shows how the power of a simple remittance sent from one family member to another could be magnified to improve the lives of poor people.


What Banks Can Learn from Nobel Economics Winner


Angus Deaton's efforts to improve understanding of poverty have helped opened the door to financial services firms meeting the market demands of the world's poor.