Do Visa and MasterCard Have a Chance in China?


China's government plans to allow foreign card-payment networks to process domestic transactions. But companies like Visa and MasterCard will have a tough time capturing a percentage of China's explosive payments market.


Why Marketplace Lenders May Snuff Out Credit Cards


Marketplace lenders are aggressively marketing their loans as a way to refinance expensive credit card debt. And with more affordable interest rates and faster loan application processes, there's reason to believe that firms like Lending Club and SoFi will beat out banks.


A Simple Solution for Overburdened Student Loan Borrowers


The recent history of bankruptcy law suggests there's a way to provide relief to borrowers overwhelmed by student loans while minimizing concerns about moral hazard.


Think Outside the Box to Solve Americans' Cash Flow Problems


A number of companies across the U.S. are harnessing technology to solve Americans' cash flow challenges. But there is much more to be done to bring these solutions to the millions of Americans who need them.


'Void after 90 Days?' Illinois Court Says No


The ruling means that customers could be at risk for not reviewing bank statements carefully and then failing to notify their bank of an error in a timely manner.


Where Credit Report Reforms Fall Short


Three major credit agencies are overhauling the way they resolve disputes and report unpaid medical debt. ThatÂ's a good start, but the best way to wipe out credit-reporting errors is to encourage Americans to review them regularly.


How Fed Policy on Swipe Fees Quashes Market Forces


Banks charge merchants a quarter each time customers swipe their debit cards Â-- even though the mean cost of processing debit-card purchases has fallen to 4.4 cents. The Federal Reserve should ensure that the falling cost of debit-card processing is matched by lower fees.


The $10 ATM Fee Could Be a Good Thing


A new service from Cardtronics asks consumers to pay up to $10 a month for unlimited access to 5,000 of the company's ATMs. That may not sound like a great deal Â-- but it could have a lot of appeal among people who make use of alternative financial services.


Subprime Consumer Lenders Will Learn Their Lesson the Hard Way


The subprime consumer lending business is booming. But lenders that think they have the risk-based pricing model figured out may be in for a rude awakening.


Small-Dollar Lending Need a Dash of Apple Pay's Glamor


The finance and technology industries should take some of the energy they've poured into mobile payments and put it toward making small-dollar loans more affordable.