There Is No Cookie-Cutter Customer Experience


Making customer experience consistently good is a priority, but it's not enough. Great experiences in the future will be tailored to individual needs and preferences.


It Shouldn't Be So Hard to Dump Your Bank


The spotlight on unethical sales practices at banks has likely led customers to consider abandoning their financial institution, yet too many factors stand in the way of making a switch.


Define Your Culture by What It Is, Not What It Isn't


The intense focus on sales cultures can be frustrating, but it also presents an opportunity for everyone within a bank to get on the same page about what the institution stands for and is trying to accomplish.


Sales Culture Is Not the Evil It's Made Out to Be


As the Wells Fargo story has played out, pundits have been quick to blame "sales culture" for improper behavior, but that's like blaming automobiles for reckless drivers.


Wells Scandal Aside, Cross-Selling Has Other Problems


Concerns about cross-selling run deeper than the risk of misbehavior. The practice also has a questionable economic rationale.


Why Blaming Front-Line Staff for Wells Scandal Makes No Sense


What happens on an executive leader's watch starts and stops with that executive. That is especially true when it comes to sales and sales leadership.


The Mortgage Bank of the Future Can't Survive on Mortgages Alone


Within five years, a dramatic transformation of the mortgage market will force firms to expand product menus beyond mortgages to develop stronger relationships with their customers.


'Commercial' Bank Is Misnomer. 'Real Estate' Bank Is More Apt


The biggest change in banking in the last 60 years is the shift in balance sheets from business lending to real estate finance and therefore more risk tied to volatile real estate prices.


Credit Scores Aren't Enough. It's Time for Financial Health Scores


Credit scores are useful in predicting the likelihood of whether someone will repay a loan. However, banks and others need to provide customers with another number that more accurately assesses their financial health.


CFPB Payday Plan Thwarts Success of State Laws


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau should have looked more closely at states like Colorado that protect consumers from true predatory lenders while still preserving access to credit.