Why #BankBlack Falls Short


We need more and bigger black-owned banks, not just a surge of deposits for a few institutions, especially if those institutions have not proven that they adequately serve the black community.


Why GSE Recapitalization Talk Is Premature


Proponents of "recap and release" misread the political risks and the depth of interest that key lawmakers have in determining the long-term future of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.


A Whole Lot of Hurt in Auto Lending May Be Coming


The similarities between the mortgage crisis and subprime auto lending in 2016 are all too obvious, with constrained cash flows, defaults and investor losses all likely.


Where Should Trump Start on China Trade Policy? Visa and Mastercard


President-elect Trump has threatened retaliatory tariffs on China if they cheat on their trading obligations. A good place to start would be ChinaÂ's payment-card market.


Can Banks Still Cross-Sell in 2017? Yes, But ...


The focus of banks' sales practices should be less about unit-based incentives, and more about developing a full relationship with customers and doing what's in their best interest.


State Ballot Wins Only Amplify Questions About Pot Banking


Despite gains for the legalization effort in the November election, the disconnect between federal and state law preserves uncertainty for banks catering to pot businesses.


How the Mobile Banking Revolution Favors In-Store Branches


The smallness of in-store branches used to be a liability, but with the industry's changing landscape, strategically-placed "alternative branches" make more sense today.


Shortchanged by Short-Termism


Americans could have significantly more money saved for their retirement, if not for all the fees that the asset management industry charges. What's worse is most savers are unclear how much they are paying, to whom, and for what. The authors of "What They Do With Your Money: How the Financial System Fails Us and How to Fix It" propose some changes that they say would not only help the economy grow faster but improve corporate America overall.


Nonbank Mortgage Lenders Must Bring 'A' Game in Trump Era


The election results will only intensify factors making competition with bank lenders more difficult, including the effect of interest rates as well as the regulatory environment.


Why Big Banks Would Do Well to Spin Off Credit Cards


It is premature to say whether criticism of cross-selling and calls to break up the big banks will lead to action, but there is one area where a spinoff could actually be in the banks' interest.