Artificial intelligence

TD sees big role for AI in fraud detection, lending decisions


“If you get your credit decisions right and you manage fraud well, you can run a very efficient bank. That’s an area where AI is very applicable,” Toronto-Dominion Bank's chief AI officer says.


Douugh launches with AI to help the affluent improve financial habits


The challenger bank will start by recommending how much users should allocate toward savings and spending, and will later transfer those amounts automatically.


Push to keep tabs on employees spurs union of monitoring firms


Smarsh, which enables banks and other clients to archive employee communications, is buying the AI firm Digital Reasoning as employers increasingly seek surveillance options for personnel working from home.


BofA adapting consumer tech for use with corporate clients


Bank of America is applying a familiar arsenal — including APIs and its popular virtual assistant, Erica — to online business banking, cross-border payments and cash management in an effort to modernize those services.


Databits: AI & automation


The industry has long talked about embracing digital technology — but the time for talk may be over.


HUD finalizes contentious revamp of fair lending rule with one tweak


The final version of the amended rule, like the original proposal, makes fair lending claims tougher to prove; but it does soften language that otherwise might have allowed mortgage companies to use algorithms to prove nondiscrimination.


Bank of America dominates digital banking. Here’s how it plans to stay ahead.


The bank is making continuous improvements, including integrating Merrill Lynch accounts into its banking app and adding a security feature to Zelle.


How to make your AI dreams a reality


One banks journey of taking an AI idea from inception to experience. How organizations can ensure the shift from pilot projects to full-scale AI fluency goes right


Wells Fargo's AI, Amex's Kabbage buy, refi fee fallout: Top stories of the week


When customers contact Wells Fargo, its artificial intelligence system goes to work; what American Express is getting with it purchase of Kabbage; Fannie, Freddie refi fee will wipe out millions in mortgage profits; and more from this week's most-read stories.


CFPB extends comment period on overhaul of redlining law


The CFPB is giving stakeholders until Dec. 1 to file comments on a potential overhaul to its rules related to the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, which prohibits discrimination in credit and lending decisions.