Artificial intelligence

Senators alarmed by study linking loan rates to college choice


Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown and three other Democrats asked nonbank lenders to ensure they comply with fair lending laws following a report suggesting they charge higher rates to those who have attended historically black or predominantly Hispanic colleges.


A new kind of British invasion: Regtech hackathons


Tech sprints that bring regulators together with bank officials, data scientists and software companies originated in the U.K. and have crossed the pond into the U.S.


Citi puts virtual agents to the test in commercial call centers


Yes, bots are taking the routine calls from business cardholders, but make no mistake — these are demanding clients from around the world who phone in from loud airports, on bad connections and speak with heavy accents.


Bank CEOs push back on climate proposals; another company leaves Libra


Citi, Goldman chiefs say they won’t be pressured to stop financing companies based on carbon footprint; Vodafone bolts from Facebook’s digital currency project.


Citigroup CEO says many branch jobs are still safe from machines


Modernizing the bank’s app and digital-banking experience won’t necessarily result in Citigroup needing fewer people in its retail bank, CEO Michael Corbat said.


How does a challenger bank earn customers’ trust? Digit CEO explains


"To wake up one day and assume everyone in America is going to be above average at math and above average rational is crazy," says Ethan Bloch, whose app is designed to help people achieve financial health.


What embracing agile methods has done for U.S. Bank


Werner Loots, the bank’s first head of transformation, is helping the bank redesign how work is done, then streamlining and digitizing as much as possible.


The rise of the invisible bank


Digital banking will become less visible because it will be embedded in other daily activities with the help of AI, voice interfaces and other emerging technologies.


Why TD Bank wants to read its customers’ moods


It's no longer enough to conduct traditional demographic analysis of customers. TD bank wants to know what is going on with individual consumers at any given moment and respond accordingly.


What will bank jobs look like in the future? OceanFirst has an idea


Chris Maher, CEO of OceanFirst Financial, shares how employees’ roles have already changed and his bank’s efforts to help them navigate AI and other emerging technologies.