Trump says he’s considering moves to break up Wall Street banks


President Donald Trump said he is actively considering breaking up giant Wall Street banks, giving a push to efforts to revive a Depression-era law separating consumer lending and investment banking.


Big banks will always be too big, Glass-Steagall or not


Data analysis shows that a 21st-century version of the Depression-era limitations on bank activities will do little to meet the goals laid out by its proponents.


Trump memos call for review of systemic designation


President Trump's executive orders question Obama-era financial crisis prevention system.


'This is child's play': Comments of the week


Readers weigh in on a notable OCC personnel change, the Scottrade breach, the ability of corporate owners to still be anonymous and more.


Can Treasury drop MetLife appeal? It's complicated


Lawmakers and others want the Trump administration to drop the Financial Stability Oversight Council's appeal of a controversial court ruling, but doing so may be harder than it sounds.


Sorry, Jamie. 'Too big to fail' is alive and well


The risks associated with a megabank collapse still pose huge problems for the industry, despite assurances from the head of the nation’s largest bank.


Fed’s Kashkari: Dimon ‘demonstrably’ wrong on TBTF, bank capital


In a blog post published Thursday, Neel Kashkari criticized key parts of Jamie Dimon’s annual letter to JPMorgan Chase shareholders.


Trump’s ‘core’ regulatory principles warrant more scrutiny


The administration’s executive order on financial regulation is open to interpretation, but the document will likely serve as the touchstone for financial regulators in the years ahead.


Will OCC charter make fintechs too big to fail?


Critics fear a large player obtaining a charter could quickly be seen as systemically important to the economy, while supporters argue there will be safeguards in place.