'Too big to seriously punish': Comments of the week


Readers comment on the ripple effects of the Equifax breach, who benefits from the CFPB's final arbitration rule, gender-related issues in financial services, and more.


The rise and fall of Equifax; JPM plans Polish expansion


Ironically, the credit bureau’s rise was built on promise to safeguard customers’ most sensitive information; bank to build global ops center in Warsaw.


Fed dodges key decision on faster payments


The central bank said Wednesday that it will assess a range of options regarding its operational role in a modernized payment system, an issue that divides large and small banks.


Cordray skirts gubernatorial talk; no more SIFIs?


CFPB director gives political speech but avoids saying if he will run for governor in Ohio; Treasury is looking into getting rid of the "too big to fail" label.


Prudential is said to plot its escape from Fed oversight


Prudential Financial is laying the groundwork to escape the government's label that it's too big to fail, a move that would dramatically reduce federal oversight of the largest U.S. life insurer.


Have central clearing policies worsened ‘too big to fail’?


Recent data on derivatives suggests strongly that increased clearing has occurred apparently at the expense of reporting dealers.


‘Like humans do’: Comments of the week


Readers sound off on the use of AI in underwriting, the reasons for the failure of a Milwaukee bank, U.S. banks’ progress in adopting APIs, and more.


Meltzer, Fed historian who criticized bailouts, dies at 89


Allan Meltzer was an economist and Federal Reserve historian who was critical of the central bank’s recent policies.


Is systemic risk a Dodd-Frank fallacy?


As Treasury Department officials review the Financial Stability Oversight Council’s designation process, they should also reexamine how the Dodd-Frank Act defines systemic risk.


How ending FDIC's resolution powers would hurt Americans


The full-scale attack on the “orderly liquidation authority,” the Dodd-Frank Act provision authorizing the government to manage wind-downs of failed companies, is unfortunate.