Fed should force Wells Fargo into being a simpler bank


The central bank should consider rescinding the bank’s “financial holding company” status, which allows it to participate in nonbank activities, given its inability to respond to internal management problems.


Sanders bill would force breakup of 6 largest banks


The legislation would require the restructuring of financial institutions that have a total exposure exceeding 3% of the nation’s GDP.


Banks are running out of time to regain public trust


The industry risks losing more business to fintech startups and facing increased attacks in Washington if they can’t shore up their reputation.


Bernanke says 2008 crisis didn't cause era of populist politics


The surge in populist politics that helped fuel President Donald Trump's victory and the rise of progressives on the left wasn't triggered by U.S. policy makers response to the 2008 financial crisis, said former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.


Citi to launch crypto vehicle; ING finance chief resigns


The "digital asset receipt," similar to ETFs and ATRs, aims to expedite investing in cybercurrencies; CFO is taking the hit for the Dutch bank's lax anti-money laundering controls.


Is Glass-Steagall poised for a political comeback?


It’s been off the radar for a couple of years, but Washington may soon be debating the separation between commercial and investment banking once again.


Dear regulators: Don’t loosen megabank capital standards


The country’s largest banks, and even some lawmakers, are calling on the banking agencies to roll back requirements imposed after the financial crisis. But that puts the economy at grave risk.


A consumer debt threat, fintech mania, and the crisis never ended: Top stories of the week


Consumers are back to their old spending and saving habits; Trump administration is encouraging financial innovation; how the financial crisis shaped today's politics; and more from this week's most-read stories.


‘Too big to fail’ is alive and kicking


Despite some regulatory gains under the last administration, the deregulation underway by Trump officials threatens to endanger the financial system all over again.


More faces of the financial crisis: Where are they now? (Banker edition)


Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein remain prominent public figures, but many other crisis-era CEOs have kept low profiles over the past decade.