Lawmakers spar over whether Fannie, Freddie are SIFIs


There is bipartisan agreement in the Senate that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are "too big to fail" but some lawmakers are skeptical that a SIFI designation is appropriate.


Sanders taunts Dimon over big-bank bailouts


Sen. Bernie Sanders lashed out at Jamie Dimon on Twitter after the chief executive officer of JPMorgan Chase criticized socialism during an appearance in Washington.


Federal Reserve terminates London Whale enforcement action


After more than six years, the Fed is ending its order requiring greater risk controls at the bank, following an estimated $6 billion in trading losses in 2012 that stemmed from a single trader.


BB&T, SunTrust clear key hurdle on road to merger


Concerns about job losses and political blowback still loom, but the two banks made it through a second day of public hearings hosted by the Fed relatively unscathed and with significant local support.


Why aren't White House hopefuls talking about banking?


With the candidates still introducing themselves to voters and honing their message, little has been said about the financial industry.


Wells in denial, faster-payments backtrack, delinquency uptick: Top stories of the week


Wells Fargo and the denial stage of recovery; community bankers alarmed after big banks backtrack on faster-payments pricing; credit card, auto loan delinquencies hit seven-year high; and more from this week's most-read stories.


Guns, CECL and 'too big to manage': Big-bank CEOs on Hill


A House Financial Services Committee hearing featuring seven large-bank CEOs tackled a host of contentious subjects, as Republicans and Democrats sparred over whether such institutions are simply too big.


Goldman to share code with developers; Mastercard’s digital ID blueprint


Firm “hopes to crowdsource new uses for” its pricing and analysis system; the system could be put on a device and used anywhere to cut down on fraud.


Regulators propose new steps to limit contagion of megabank failures


Under the plan, large banks would have to hold additional capital if they purchase another bank's "loss-absorbing" debt that is used to contain fallout from a collapse.


Fed to weigh changes to resolution plans, foreign bank requirements


The central bank will hold an open meeting April 8 to consider revisions to "living will" standards and the tailoring of rules for overseas banks.