The crisis isn't over


Ten years ago, it was a banking crisis, but it became a political one. That crisis never ended.


Dodd-Frank is a success story: Progressives, former regulators


Elizabeth Warren, Sheila Bair and other regulatory hawks at a D.C. event hailed the reforms enacted in the wake of the 2008 crisis.


Dreams of Goldman doing big takeover meet stress test's reality


Almost 10 years after the financial crisis, Wall Street was starting to wonder aloud: Might Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley make a big acquisition? Much of that speculation got a reality check on June 28 when both firms scraped through the Federal Reserve's annual stress tests.


Banks may be using Lehman-style trick to disguise their debt


Banks may be disguising their borrowings in a way similar to that used by Lehman Brothers, with debt ratios falling within limits imposed by regulators just four times a year.


Will states pick up where feds left off on derivatives regulation?


U.S. officials are letting big banks exploit loopholes in Dodd-Frank rules that were meant to curb excessive risk-taking in derivatives, several academics and former policymakers warned. They urged state attorneys general to take action.


Fed sets bank exposure caps; Equifax hires IBM AI expert


Largest banks would be limited on how much risk they could have with each other; the credit bureau has hired the former head of the computer giant's Watson unit.


Big banks may pay political cost of reg relief despite gaining little


Though the regulatory relief law easing the Dodd-Frank Act does little to help the biggest banks, it is still fueling progressive Democrats' anger at Wall Street. That will matter when Democrats eventually retake power.


'Republicans are feckless': Comments of the week


Readers react to the Senate overriding the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's auto lending guidance, weigh in on House efforts to reform the Dodd-Frank Act and debate technology being used to replace new branches.


CRA needs to come off 'autopilot,' Fed's Quarles says


The rules to comply with the Community Reinvestment Act have become "formulaic and ossified" and must be changed to encourage lending practices the law originally intended to foster, the Fed's top regulator said.


Minneapolis Fed's TBTF plan has some GSE-sized holes


The reserve bank's proposal to address banks and nonbanks that remain "too big to fail" does not include two of the largest such institutions: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.