House passes SIFI reform; Living wills of biggest banks approved


The $50 billion threshold replaced by a formula, but bill must be reconciled with Senate version; Fed, FDIC say the eight big banks still have work to do.


Treasury office accused of deceiving congressional auditors


A whistleblower charges that during the Obama administration, Treasury's Office of Financial Research manipulated information that it provided during a review by the Governmental Accountability Office.


Big bank failure would mean crisis; JPM, Amex to share


The Office of Financial Research said the failure of a large financial institution could still ignite a crisis; hotel chain plans to use both issuers for its credit cards.


Senate panel overwhelmingly approves Powell as Fed chair


Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., was the only member of the Senate Banking Committee to oppose the nomination of Federal Reserve Board Gov. Jerome Powell to lead the central bank.


A bank’s activities, not its assets, should decide regulatory status


The differences in business model between commercial banks and universal banks should not be ignored as Congress works to recalibrate the regulatory regime.


Deal on TBTF rules; Warning on coin offerings


Bipartisan proposal would remove the SIFI label from more than two dozen banks; European regulator cautions investors on the risks as bitcoin price plunges.


Can Congress agree on 'systemic' bank label change?


Momentum is building to replace the hard-target $50 billion asset systemic risk threshold for banks with an indicator test, but it remains unclear whether it will be enough to get Congress to act.


Could online lending become the next systemic risk?


With issuance of marketplace securitizations now exploding — rising 300% cumulatively in the past two years — the idea of online lending as a niche is quickly deteriorating.


Dem bill would shut down banks over Wells-caliber abuses


A bill backed by House Democrats would establish a process to review big banks for patterns of consumer violations, ending possibly in culpable institutions losing their charter.


MetLife may be next to lose ‘too big to fail’ label


After the FSOC voted to rescind its systemic designation for AIG, it's unclear whether the interagency council will continue to appeal a court ruling overturning MetLife's SIFI designation.