What's missing from FDIC's notice on brokered deposits


The agency’s effort is a good first step to updating brokered deposit rules, but regulators excluded several important considerations in their advance notice of proposed rulemaking.


White House is making hard job of GSE reform even harder


The administration is sending conflicting signals on whether it has a plan to overhaul the housing finance system, further complicating an already complex debate.


Is weaker loan demand a bad omen?


Recent data from the Federal Reserve suggests lenders are growing pessimistic about the credit environment. But is that a sign of trouble ahead, or just sound risk management?


Fed, not FDIC, should regulate a merged BB&T-SunTrust


The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., BB&T’s primary regulator, has a history of going easy on the bank. The combined entity would be better supervised by the central bank, which already oversees SunTrust.


Banks claim victory in new private flood insurance rule


Depository mortgage lenders are optimistic the final version of a regulation designed to open up the flood insurance market will make it easier for them to comply with a rule requiring them to accept private carrier policies.


Regulators warn banks on leveraged loans, but data doesn't back them up


A recent joint analysis of large syndicated loans urged banks to improve their risk management, even though evidence suggests that nonbanks, not banks, hold the higher share of risky leveraged loans.


'Oscar for best lobbyists goes to ... regional banks': Comments of the week


Readers respond to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's overhaul of its payday loans rule, debate reforms to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, consider regulatory exemptions for regional banks and more.


Community banks still aren’t ready for CECL


Despite recent chatter about a delay, there’s reason to believe the Current Expected Credit Losses accounting standard will go into effect next year. Regulators should do more to help smaller institutions prepare.


CFPB’s innovation efforts hold promise


The bureau’s updated no-action-letter policy and “product sandbox” proposal are important steps in helping the industry adapt during this period of rapid change.


Herman Cain buzz signals shift in Trump’s Fed strategy


If Cain is chosen for the Federal Reserve Board, it would be starkly out of step with the administration’s other nominations and may reveal a drastic change in the president’s attitude toward the central bank.