Farm foreclosures rise as trade war drags on


Banks are taking back more farmland through foreclosure than at any point in the past three years as low crop prices, epic flooding and the Trump administration’s trade spat with China have left many farmers struggling to pay their debts.


Lender risk from CFPB underwriting rule tested in Ohio case


The industry has long worried that the ability-to-repay rule gives borrowers an avenue to fight foreclosure, but one plaintiff’s experience may discourage others from trying.


Banks nearly have REO monkey off their backs a decade after crisis


Lenders have reduced their holdings of foreclosed one- to four-unit family residences to roughly $2.6 billion of homes, down from more than $14 billion in 2010. Economists expect the trend to continue, but there are red flags to keep an eye on.


Did Ben Carson just mistake an REO for an Oreo?


Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson appeared not to recognize a commonly known real estate term during a congressional hearing on Tuesday.


Jesse Jackson wants banks to take a stand on how fines are used


Civil rights activist Jesse Jackson is pushing a proposal that the billions banks have paid in fines be given to Americans who lost homes or suffered in other ways during the financial crisis.


House Democrat moves goalposts for GSE reform


Rep. Gregory Meeks of New York signaled which legislative provisions Democratic leaders would accept in a bipartisan housing finance package.


Supreme Court ruling in foreclosure case is a win for lenders


In a unanimous ruling, the court placed new limits on the ability of consumers to sue law firms that handle foreclosures on behalf of mortgage servicers.


FHA urges servicers to go easy on federal workers during shutdown


The agency wants mortgage servicers to extend special forbearance plans to those affected by the partial government shutdown and evaluate borrowers for loss-mitigation options.


Servicers treating government shutdown like a natural disaster


As the government shutdown enters its third week, mortgage servicers are activating the response plans they normally use during hurricanes and wildfires to assist federal workers who may have trouble paying their mortgages.


OCC sees sharp drop in mortgages serviced by large banks


An agency report said servicing portfolios have shrunk by nearly half in 10 years as much of the mortgage market has shifted to nonbanks.