Laws to fast-track vacant home foreclosures slowly gain traction


Years after the worst of the housing crisis, states still dealing with high foreclosure activity are weighing laws to speed the process on vacant or abandoned properties.


The World’s Worst Ever Sellout – Is Your State In?


Over 40 states have already signed on to the sellout deal the corrupt politicians negotiated, so they could run for office beating their chests bragging about their tremendous accomplishment, with their mortgage company liege lords, who should have already started their prison terms, to get them off the hook for the greatest financial crimes in our history.

Just in case you wonder where I stand.


Plan Could Slow Down Florida Foreclosures


NACBA (National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys) responded this weekend to the government’s latest approach to the foreclosure crisis with what many people are calling the Principal Paydown Plan. Rather than turn the United States into a nation of renters under the recent suggestion that Freddie and Fannie rent their foreclosed properties or sell them as rentals, NACBA [...]