FHA revises loss mitigation options for hurricane victims


The new policy, meant to assist borrowers in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, will let servicers evaluate borrowers using pre-disaster payment information.


Banks should do more to prevent renters from being displaced


Lending to problematic or serial evictors can cause people to be pushed out of their homes in the name of profits. Banks must adopt standards against this practice.


Wells Fargo was hit with more scandal. But does anyone care?


The bank continues to battle a series of negative headlines such as erroneous foreclosures, but public and investor reaction has been muted.


Citi fined $8.6M for deficiencies in subsidiary's mortgage docs


The Fed's order targets affidavits prepared by employees of CitiFinancial in connection with the company's exiting the mortgage servicing business.


Senate Dem demands Wells Fargo explain error that led to 400 foreclosures


Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, said it is hard to imagine how Wells Fargo's $8 million remediation plan would correct a mistake that led to 400 wrongful foreclosures.


Wells Fargo set aside $8 million to repay customers affected by loan mod mistakes


Wells Fargo estimates that in 400 instances, borrowers later went through foreclosure who were improperly denied or not offered a mortgage modification.


Waters bill would strengthen FHFA oversight of mortgage servicers


The bill aimed at helping struggling homeowners also requires documentation of servicer behavior and FHFA evaluation of the services provided to borrowers.


Eric Schneiderman’s many tangles with financial firms


Outgoing N.Y. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has been a thorn in the side of financial institutions, using his state’s significant clout to affect national policy debate on a host of topics ranging from dark pools to cryptocurrencies. Here’s a look back at how Schneiderman has made his mark on the ways financial institutions do business.


CFPB’s Mulvaney misled Congress about land deal, watchdog says


The group says Mulvaney, who also runs OMB, was not totally forthcoming with the Senate Budget Committee about the foreclosure of a property he owns in South Carolina.


How 'build to rent’ movement could boost the mortgage markets


With few foreclosed homes left to pick up on the cheap, the biggest landlords are buying, or building, new single-family homes to pad their portfolios; these properties could eventually show up as collateral in rental bonds.