Is Trump team moving to political middle in CFPB director search?


The candidates being discussed lately to run the agency bring experience on consumer protection issues, and potential bipartisan appeal.


U.S. Bancorp, PNC, others fined as Fed ends foreclosure cases


The payments resolve a number of cases that date back to 2011 and were among the largest coordinated U.S. enforcement efforts in the years following the crisis.


Trump administration must back CFPB action against PHH, top Democrat says


Sen. Sherrod Brown called on the Trump administration to support the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's enforcement action against PHH Corp., which agreed to a $45 million settlement this week related to foreclosure abuses.


PHH Mortgage to pay $45M to settle robosigning allegations by 49 states


PHH Corp. agreed to a $45 million settlement to resolve allegations from 49 states and the District of Columbia that it engaged in "foreclosure process abuses" involving "inconsistent signatures" in its servicing business from 2009 to 2012.


B of A judge still resists erasing 'heartless' foreclosure ruling


A judge who imposed a $45 million penalty on Bank of America Corp. over a foreclosure on a California couple still isn't ready to forget the case he described as a "Kafkaesque nightmare."


Harvey makes Trump rethink draining swamp at HUD


The long-term recovery for thousands of Texans whose homes were decimated by Hurricane Harvey rests with a Trump administration government outsider who wants his agency's budget cut by billions of dollars.


Puerto Rican mortgages: Deeply distressed and suddenly in demand


Distressed-mortgage investors are descending on troubled Puerto Rico. What’s luring them is the opportunity to scoop up home loans and foreclosed properties for pennies on the dollar.


Two court decisions, one big blow for cities’ lawsuits against megabanks


While the courts have affirmed cities’ right to file predatory lending suits, they are also now holding them to a much higher standard in proving that banks knowingly steered minority borrowers into high-cost home loans.


Philadelphia is latest city to sue Wells Fargo for discriminatory lending


The city joins a growing list of municipalities that have filed similar lawsuits, just two weeks after the Supreme Court ruled that municipalities have standing to sue lenders under the Fair Housing Act.


Supreme Court rules cities can sue banks for housing discrimination


The landmark ruling remands the city of Miami's 2013 suit against Wells Fargo and Bank of America back to the lower court.