Distributed ledger technology

Coinbase positions itself as a digital currency custodian


The startup is betting that a venture offering safe storage of digital assets will entice billions from banks and other institutional investors.


Blockchain moves beyond its 'moonshot' phase


Brian Behlendorf, leader of the Linux Foundation's effort to establish standards for blockchain, likens the invention of cryptocurrencies to the moon launch and says banks, open-source developers and others are working to make the underlying technology commercially viable.


Former Swiss bank tech execs launch blockchain investment firm


Marco Abele and Oliver Bussmann are launching a blockchain that will let affluent people co-own horses, vineyards, paintings and other high-end items.


R3 to take on Ripple with cross-border payments blockchain


The bank consortium is going directly after the business of its former partner Ripple in the middle of their legal battle over an option for digital currency worth $1 billion.


Can blockchain be used to build a better credit bureau?


Calls for less reliance on credit bureaus and Social Security numbers for verification are leading many to envision a future of identity on a distributed ledger.


Web’s creator to fintech players: Beware the blockchain Frankenstein


Sir Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the World Wide Web, exhorted developers to think about unintended consequences, saying he felt guilty over the digital divide and the proliferation of fake news.


Can a blockchain tech revolutionize corporate deposits?


Credit Suisse, State Street and several other banks are experimenting with a blockchain technology that could allow them to make corporate deposits more affordable to hold on their books.


More than 100 financial firms using Ripple blockchain software


Designed to compete with Swift, Ripple announced several new customers Tuesday. The startup says its software allows banks and others to send cross-border payments more quickly, transparently and cheaply.


Bank-issued bitcoin debit cards. No, really.


The explosion of interest in digital assets this year, and the multiplying of their market value, are making cryptocurrency debit cards newly attractive. Banks could partner with intermediaries or issue the cards directly, but obstacles remain before that day can arrive.


That IBM blockchain? Northern Trust says it works


For high-value, low-volume transactions, that is. Big Blue formally launched the platform Tuesday, but the custody bank has been using it for months, as has a group of Canadian institutions.