Distributed ledger technology

Why bankers should care that two rival blockchains linked up


Brian Behlendorf, the executive director of Hyperledger, explains why Hyperledger and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance have joined each other’s organizations. 


PNC to use Ripple blockchain tech for international payments


The Pittsburgh bank joins Bank of America and other large financial players in a distributed-ledger network that seeks to make global payments in real time.


Don't be too quick to give up on tech


Banks should continually try out new technologies, even after failed experiments.


R3 updates blockchain software with new security feature


The consortium's Corda Enterprise is designed to let blockchain applications exist behind a company’s firewall but still interact with outside partners.


Has Amex found a data gold mine with its rewards blockchain?


The credit card issuer has built a distributed ledger through which merchants create their own membership rewards and get access to detailed information on purchases and the success of promotions.


Spinoff rumors or not, JPM's blockchain unit is evolving


JPMorgan Chase is sending signals that its homegrown blockchain, Quorum, is alive and well despite a recent shake-up.


New York AG launches crypto inquiry


New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman asked 13 cryptocurrency exchanges for detailed information about their operations as part of a "fact-finding inquiry."


Anti-fraud blockchain for invoice financing goes live


Software firm MonetaGo and three Indian factoring exchanges have launched a blockchain that can identify invoices that have already been loaned against.


Blockchain collective snags big fish: Ripple


Becoming a member Hyperledger fits Ripple’s ideal of allowing different blockchains or distributed ledgers to communicate with each other.


Can blockchain ease banks’ digital-identity concerns?


A startup called Spring Labs has launched a blockchain network with the goal of getting lenders and data providers to share data to help verify customers' identity.