Distributed ledger technology

How blockchain, smart contracts could upstage banks


Its early days yet, but decentralized apps will democratize finance, says Andrew Keys, cofounder of ConsenSys Capital, the financial services arm of ConsenSys.


Advice for crypto firms on joining financial mainstream


More traditional players interested in creating a safer market for digital assets have issued a checklist that cryptocurrency firms can follow to build confidence among banks, consumers and regulators.


Blockchain startup inches closer to legally tradable tokens


Prometheum may succeed whether others have failed because it has attempted to work closely with regulators.


Why Ohio is gung-ho for cryptocurrency and blockchain


Many banks and government officials are dubious about crypto, but Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel lets businesses pay their taxes with it and has put all the state government’s expenses on a public ledger.


‘This is not a big boys club’: FINOS seeks to open up open source


A new unit of the nonprofit tech-development foundation is getting banks of all sizes to work together on cutting-edge software projects that could benefit the entire industry.


Blockchain's backers concede it has been tainted by crypto


To convince skeptical bankers about the benefits of distributed ledger technology, some suggest it needs to be separated from the volatile digital currency it underlies.


Is blockchain the most over-hyped technology in history?


Ron Quaranta and Steve Ehrlich with the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance share what’s working and what’s not with financial services blockchain projects.


Could smart contracts sideline banks?


Andrew Keys, co-founder of the venture capital firm ConsenSys Capital, has a vision of the future bankers might find chilling, in which banks and other middlemen are cut out of financial services.


Blockchain slashes approval time on syndicated loans, BBVA says


BBVA, BNP Paribas and MUFG recently used BBVA's blockchain to reach an agreement within 24 hours — instead of two weeks — to lend a Spanish power company $150 million.


Mastercard’s blockchain patents — what’s in it for banks?


The credit card company's filings mirror patents Bank of America, Barclays and TD Bank have submitted in the past two years that focus on how funds transfers and data security would augment blockchain technology.