Distributed ledger technology

Blockchain misreads could set banks up for mistakes


Companies that fail to understand blockchain and distributed ledger technologies properly risk making expensive missteps.


Cheat sheet: The trade-offs of blockchain privacy tools


A previously unreleased paper lays out the pros and cons for banks of technologies designed to restore confidentiality on shared ledgers.


Breaking Banks: Blockchain's strides hearten bankers, frustrate purists


Banks have signaled bullishness for blockchain tech. But some say ignorance is leading to ill-informed choices.


Banks are sold on blockchain, concerned about collaboration


Bank blockchain leaders say the technology is solid and privacy's been solved mostly. They’re focused now on integration, collaboration and saving money.


Scotiabank said to test smart contract, blockchain for trade reports


The Canadian bank completed a months-long trial of technology developed by AlphaPoint, the tech startup said.


Bank blockchain choices may come down to IBM vs. Microsoft


IBM's work with Northern Trust and Hyperledger and Microsoft's alliance with JPMorgan and others show the different approaches the tech giants are taking with the technology.


Corporate boards are on board with blockchain, survey finds


Some say 2017 is a make-or-break year for the recordkeeping technology spawned by bitcoin. According to a survey released Thursday, most executives in financial services and IT are putting their money on "make."


‘Centralized’ blockchain projects are doomed to failure


In time, more large institutions will realize that closed, centralized blockchains aren’t any better than the databases now in use.


Banks should slow down to get blockchain right


Bank consortium R3 CEV, one of the most well-funded blockchain working groups, has endured criticism for its meticulous process. But if blockchains are most valuable with a network effect, maybe forgoing some agility is worth the long while.


Deloitte opens blockchain lab in New York to push for working prototypes


The goal of Deloitte's new blockchain-focused lab in New York is to turn proofs of concepts into real solutions.