Distributed ledger technology

A blockchain breakthrough at Credit Suisse. Will other banks follow?


An innovative approach to settling trades pioneered by the bank and the tech firm Paxos Trust could start a wave of real-life use of distributed ledgers on Wall Street.


Bitcoin, despite its ups and downs, had a monster decade of growth


The largest digital token has posted gains of more than 9,000,000% since July 2010, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.


Credit union blockchain ID pilot could benefit small banks too


A new system uses biometrics and distributed ledger technology to safeguard call centers from identity theft attacks.


How alleged Asian crypto scam became headache for Comerica, Mastercard


A digital currency firm has been accused of recruiting actors to pretend to be Comerica and Mastercard employees, writing a fake prospectus and taking other steps to make it look like the two U.S. companies were its partners in an investment venture.


Why Wells Fargo is jumping on the digital currency bandwagon


It's not a reaction to JPM Coin, the banks says, but a way to speed up international payments for corporate clients.


Once a doubter, TD is now bullish on crypto, blockchain


It's created a new digital assets and distributed ledger group, trades bitcoin futures and is funding a crypto exchange.


PayPal-backed blockchain aims to help banks verify digital IDs


A new project backed by the government of Luxembourg could ultimately be influential in the U.S., where banks have been slow to develop a shared platform for digital identities.


Banks launch firm to settle transactions, peer-to-peer, on blockchain


State Street, BNY Mellon, UBS and Credit Suisse are among the banks that have created a company to bring their idea of a utility settlement coin to life.


How a startup fits into BNY Mellon’s blockchain strategy


Subhankar Sinha, the bank’s new head of blockchain, says its partnership with Bakkt is part of a larger effort to figure out what it would look like to be a custodian for digital assets.


Cornell professor launches own crypto coin


Some of the biggest venture capitalists in the field are backing a new digital currency being offered by a leading blockchain academic.