Distributed ledger technology

Can blockchain ease banks’ digital-identity concerns?


A startup called Spring Labs has launched a blockchain network with the goal of getting lenders and data providers to share data to help verify customers' identity.


The reasons U.S. blockchain adoption has stalled


JPMorgan Chase is said to be dropping its Quorum blockchain technology, and little is happening with other blockchain projects that have been in the works for years. What gives?


Could blockchain tech help prevent bank fraud?


Employees at the second-largest Indian bank falsified documents in a scheme that ultimately cost the institution at least $2 billion. Some argue a distributed ledger would have helped prevent or minimize the fraud.


Northern Trust adds auditing to distributed ledger


The bank’s distributed ledger for private equity deals can now provide nodes to auditors, so they can easily access documents and data for their annual reviews.


Meet the Wall Street veteran turning Wyoming into a crypto haven


State-level support will give the digital assets industry much needed footing, said Caitlin Long, a former managing director at Morgan Stanley.


ING, Credit Suisse break new ground in test of distributed ledger R3


Banks are putting the concept of securities lending on a blockchain-inspired platform to the test.


JPMorgan: Cryptocurrencies 'could potentially have a role' in investor portfolios


In what could be seen as a mea culpa for CEO Jamie Dimon's disparagement of bitcoin five months ago, the Wall Street megabank has released a big and relatively bullish report on cryptocurrencies.


JPMorgan, Bank of America ban crypto purchases with credit cards


The nation’s two largest banks don't want the credit risk associated with the transactions.


Wild claims, armed raids: The blockchain bank that wasn’t


AriseBank said it was the first crypto platform to buy a traditional bank. But there’s no evidence it did anything of the kind — and its founder now says it has been raided by the FBI.


Massive crypto hack highlights need for custody solutions


The Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck says roughly $400 million of the digital currency NEM was stolen. If banks and others are to invest in the digital-asset industry, it will have to do better.