Distributed ledger technology

PayPal-backed blockchain aims to help banks verify digital IDs


A new project backed by the government of Luxembourg could ultimately be influential in the U.S., where banks have been slow to develop a shared platform for digital identities.


Banks launch firm to settle transactions, peer-to-peer, on blockchain


State Street, BNY Mellon, UBS and Credit Suisse are among the banks that have created a company to bring their idea of a utility settlement coin to life.


How a startup fits into BNY Mellon’s blockchain strategy


Subhankar Sinha, the bank’s new head of blockchain, says its partnership with Bakkt is part of a larger effort to figure out what it would look like to be a custodian for digital assets.


Cornell professor launches own crypto coin


Some of the biggest venture capitalists in the field are backing a new digital currency being offered by a leading blockchain academic.


The Wall Street banks bullish on blockchain


Some banks have backed away from the technology, but Northern Trust, State Street and JPMorgan Chase are among those actively working on blockchain projects.


JPMorgan, Microsoft strike blockchain partnership


The bank is hoping the venture will encourage more companies to use Quorum, the Ethereum-based blockchain it built five years ago.


'Get your facts right': Crypto firm disputes New York license denial


Cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex is protesting New York's decision this week to deny it a virtual license exchange, claiming that its rationale contains factual errors and its personnel were not well versed in blockchain.


App from Simple co-founder builds bridges from banks to blockchains


Shamir Karkal’s startup, Sila, is launching an API platform that gives developers a way to connect traditional bank systems to distributed ledgers like Ethereum.


BofA, Wells Fargo sour on blockchain


They haven't thrown in the towel yet, but comments by top executives at the two big banks suggested that their interest in finding financial services uses for distributed ledgers is wearing very thin.


IBM launches challenge to Ripple and Swift


The tech company has taken World Wire, its blockchain-based cross-border payments network, live in 72 countries.